Holding Your Team Accountable

In every single capacity of your business, value is defined by how you keep yourself accountable and how you hold your team accountable. So what is accountability and why is it as striking of a factor that it is shared in all successful business stories?

Truth be told, the secret to personal and professional growth is accountability. It is something we truly emphasize as it is a critical aspect of every business and it must be implemented on every level.

Demonstrating accountability is the only way to take your team to the next level. It is the key to success. And it begins with you. Lasting results will only happen when you, as a leader, hold yourself accountable in the same way you hold others accountable. You must take responsibility for the way you follow up with your words through action.

Being Consistent

There is no accountability where there is no consistency. It is not a one time thing. It is not possible to periodically hold yourself or others accountable and expect the type of lasting results you desire. If there is a disconnect or an absence of accountability, it’s impossible to maintain results that will last. In fact, you may make an advancement towards a goal and just as fast as your success came, it will go away. Your team will see a disconnect in the way you model accountable and they will shift into a mindset that only performs to the expectation that has been asked of them. You must lead by example.

Mapping out Accountability

At AF consulting, there is a major focus on how to map out what accountability should look like for each dealer and it must be addressed in every department from the BDC, Internet, Sales, Finance, Management, Service, and Parts. When assessing the needs of your business, the absence of accountability is a common issue and it can wreak havoc on your team, your productivity, and can cost your business millions. Changing this very important detail of your culture is how dealers have been able to elevate their business and expand it from underproduction to maximum productivity.

Changing the Mindset

Success is indicative of a mindset that demands accountability. Without it, there’s no way to achieve personal or professional goals. When you are cultivating your team and pruning them for success, you must validate that they are continually holding themselves and their teams to high standards. You do this by inspecting their techniques and ensuring they have all the necessary tools for success.

The right accountability mindset is established when you realize and believe that holding someone accountable isn’t something you do to them, but for them.

Don’t allow the difference between your success and your failure to be the mindset that you have towards accountability.

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