Podcast: 10 Secrets to Be Successful in the Car Business

Are you ready to elevate your sales goals and produce results like you’ve never seen before? With nearly three decades in the auto industry, Alex Flores is going to touch on ten secrets to success in the car business. Implement these ten key points so you can take yourself to the next level.


  • Mindset has everything to do with the outcome of your situation. Proactively feed your mind with positive thoughts.
    What can be a positive thought that you can feed yourself every day?
  • You have to decide what your dreams and goals are. Write them down, be specific, and develop a plan. You won’t accomplish your goals unless you write it down and give yourself a timeline.
  • Take action and change your approach. Goals are nothing without action. Review your goals every single day. Success is 10% education and 90% execution. This means it doesn’t matter if you pay attention and just take notes, what matters is how you apply it.
  • Be actively involved in learning. Never stop learning. It’s not just the training you receive at work, it’s what you do to develop your skills in your free time.
  • Be persistent and work hard. Assess yourself and be honest with your findings. Ask yourself if you’re putting in everything it’s going to take and if you’re persistent enough. It takes five nos in the car business to get a yes. Success is a marathon and not a sprint.
  • Learn to analyze details. Assess your goals and know where you stand. You must know your stats in order to know what needs to be addressed. By looking at your numbers, you will know where you stand and how you can get better.
  • Focus your time and money and don’t get distracted. How much time are you wasting? Where are you focusing your energy and how is it affecting the culture of your business. Your time is valuable, make sure every moment counts.
  • Do not be afraid to be innovative. Dare to be different and think outside the box. Don’t use your circumstances as an excuse and block yourself from success. Tap in to the character traits that set you apart.
  • Work with and communicate with others effectively. Awareness of how you communicate with others is key and will impact your success and relationships with others in every way. In order to do this well, you will have to know how you are received. And know that how well you are able to do this has everything to do with your own mindset and approach.
  • Be honest, be dependable, and take responsibility for your actions. If you’re not willing to take responsibility, the outcome of your progress will diminish. Knowing your tasks are completed are your responsibility and nobody else’s. Nothing else matters if you don’t do this part. Take 100% responsibility of your results and be aware how your choices affect your results.

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